Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Forced Schock for Ray Sandford

From Mind Freedom:

Ray Sandford phoned the MindFreedom office this morning, as he does

most days.

As you probably know, Ray has received about 35 involuntary

electroshocks. MindFreedom's Ray Campaign has activated hundreds of

people like you to support Ray. This won Ray national publicity and a

new hearing last week.

Ray gave me the bad news that the judge ruled against him. Again.

That means Ray is scheduled for another of his every-other-Wednesday

involuntary electroshocks tomorrow, 24 December 2008.

Christmas Eve.

Ray says, "I'm really disappointed in that." Ray thought that maybe

his family's holiday get togethers would delay this week's forced shock.

But Ray said that instead of the gathering, "I'll be having tacos

with my aunt tonight to celebrate Christmas."

So tomorrow morning Ray will be woken up early in his group home, and

escorted to a forced shock.

Ray told me this morning:

"It's a painful awful experience. Every time. It takes away memory

viciously. It is scary as hell every time I go."

Ray says he always objects.

"I say, 'I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this,' which

I've known since the first time. Everyone figures I'm totally nuts."

Ray is not giving up.

So we are not giving up.

We ask that you not give up.

Eye-witnesses at Ray's hearing, held in a dreary hospital basement,

knew he did not have much of a chance.

Ray's court-appointed attorney, Jon Duckstad, refused to call any

expert witness to testify for Ray's side. (See MFI Blog for more on

the hearing.) Mr. Duckstad has refused to respond to any offers of

help from MindFreedom, including a number of skilled attorneys we've

found who offered to assist for free.

Ray is keeping his spirits up.

Ray is so grateful to MindFreedom members and supporters for speaking

out. Ray is proud that even a relative in Alaska heard him oppose his

forced shock on National Public Radio (click on http:// to hear that, and read more about Ray).

I am deeply impacted by Ray's ongoing psychiatric torture out in the


All abuse is bad, but severe outpatient abuse is traumatizing to all

of us, like me, who have experienced mental health system human

rights violations. It means none of us are safe, even in our homes.

So this e-mail is not one more alert. We'll do another alert soon.

This is a brief note from the heart. This is a note of appreciation

to all who support MindFreedom's campaigns.

This is also encouragement for an end-of-the-year membership to

MindFreedom International, which is tax-deductible.

You may donate securely online, or find other ways to donate by

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Your reading MFI public alerts is helpful. Please take the next step.

If you have not already a member, become one today. If you are a

current member, please renew early. Or if you are a lapsed member,

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As an activist coalition, MindFreedom is independent of government

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every member is crucial.

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