Saturday, February 21, 2009

Specialized Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Available For People With PTSD And Serious Mental Illness

From Medical News Today:

...Steven Silverstein, Ph.D., director and Stephanie Marcello, Ph.D., both of the Division of Schizophrenia Research, are implementing the new therapy, which is based on principles of cognitive behavior therapy. The treatment process includes relaxation training, helpful information about how stress causes the symptoms, and "cognitive restructuring" or techniques that people learn to help replace anxiety-arousing thoughts with more realistic appraisals about themselves and the level of danger in their environments. Treatment is closely coordinated with clients' clinicians.

UMDNJ is the first institution outside of Dartmouth Medical School to offer this new treatment to mentally ill patients in a culturally diverse urban environment. All the patients in the study come from UMDNJ community mental health centers in New Brunswick, South Brunswick, Piscataway, and Newark...

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