Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Winners are Rethinking Mental Health - RWJF

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The winners of the Rethinking Mental Health: Improving Community Wellbeing competition are boldly transforming the field of mental health by: building bridges from traditional healers and community leaders in Bhutan to providers of modern psychiatry; creating student-run chapters of mental-health awareness groups on college campuses throughout the United States; and training clinicians to treat depression and epilepsy in post-conflict Liberia.


The three winners emerged from a field of more than 340 inspiring solutions submitted from 42 countries. The Changemakers community voted on the Web site for the three winners from a group of 12 finalists, selected for their vision, impact, and unique approach. The winners are:

1. Rebuilding Hope After War: Mental Health and Community Recovery, Liberia

2. Active Minds: Empowering Students and Changing the Conversation about Mental Health on 300 Campuses, United States

3. Promoting Mental Health Treatment in Traditional Bhutanese Society, Bhutan

Three Winners are Rethinking Mental Health – RWJF

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