Monday, February 4, 2008

Recovery Council Meeting 02-04-08 Part 2

Part 2:

A presentation from Wayne County Systems Transformation Grant (the Recovery Center of Excellence):
  • Wayne County CMH has an Executive Director
  • 4 initiatives:
    • Integrate children and family services to produce real wrap around
    • Integration of services to persons with co-occurring disorders (and the stigma that comes along with it), including a focus on persons in jail
    • Peer Supports in Supported Working (partnership with MRS)
    • Peer Supports in Housing-initial focus was on the people who are in specialized residential homes and AFCs. They will pump in additional services.
  • Will use Advocates for Human Potential to provide Technical Assistance
  • There is resistance from AFC over having "easier" residents decide they want to move to a freer environment
  • Wayne has over 80 PSS
  • Housing
    • The literacy program is becoming a real center, and was started by peers working part-time
    • program focuses on jail diversion, and supported housing and employment.
    • They have created a manuals/handbooks for housing and employment
    • Regardless of the past, consumers that have the desire to live independently have the right to try, even from an AFC.
    • The housing program started with the needs and desires of consumers, including the skills necessary to maintain the housing
    • They look at all housing before any consumer sees it. They get clothes, vacuum cleaners, food pantries
    • The impact of Peers on consumers view of what they can do is great.
  • Jail Diversion
    • If I can't carry a clear message to you, its just my head, not my heart.
    • They carry a 12 step message, that shows them the possibility of a better life after "the bricks". Peers share stories and hope. It is a dual recovery process.
  • Detroit Recovery Project:
    • Peer run program for persons with substance abusers
    • Many co-occurring disorders
    • Broad inclusion goals for both peers and clinicians
    • Program is not time limited and follow the person into the community. "Member for Life".
  • end of Part 2

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