Monday, February 25, 2008

Managing Depression

I lived with my depression for as long as I could remember although I didn't know the cause of my distress or that it had a name. In my late 30's I was no longer able to hide the symptoms or their effects and I ended up in Hospital after a second suicide attempt.

Thankfully, I was eventually referred to an excellent and forward thinking clinic where a number of treatments were available. Over many years I became well enough to be discharged, which I feel is mainly due to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (D.B.T.) because this allowed me to respond effectively to other treatments offered and accepted. I'd recommend others who have similar difficulties to seek the same therapy, it isn't a cure but it makes coping possible and easier. There follows an informative and concise article I found online which explains better than I can the basic principles. There is hope.

Innovations in Mental Illness Recovery
February 3, 2008 By Robert Yourell, MA
The mental health field is like conjoined twins. Of course one is the evil twin, and the other is nice. But since they’re joined at the hip, life is a struggle. The mental health field has been painfully extracting its humane mission from old school authoritarian and medical thinking, along with a big dose of cruel moralism since ancient history.
Please allow me to offer some encouraging news; constructive innovations in the mental health field.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Consider the work of Marsha M. Linehan and her approach called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This work, which has shown favorable outcomes in research, is best known for treating people with borderline personality disorder (BPD). She developed it initially for treating suicidal people. Research began in 1989.

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