Friday, August 15, 2008

Forced Drugging: Wisconsin

Felice just wants the forced psychiatric drugging to stop.

Felice Debra Eliscu is an artist who says that years of forced

psychiatric drugging make her want to harm herself, and she wants

other alternatives provided.

Felice is a 42-year-old member and volunteer with MindFreedom

International who is currently locked up in Winnebago Mental Health

Institute near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Such forced drugging happens to thousands of Americans each year. But

Felice is signed up on the MindFreedom Shield, which means that when

threatened by forced psychiatry she can activate an alert network

reaching hundreds of MindFreedom members.

Felice is activating the MindFreedom Shield, and asking everyone to

contact the Governor of Wisconsin via the web.

MORE INFO ON FELICE, how you can take ACTION via web, view her

artwork and photo, see:

or use this web link:

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