Monday, August 25, 2008

Kickin Tina: Recovery is a Trip

i feel like shouting from the rooftops. but i guess i will simply declare that having become affiliated with AfR
has been an uplifting experience. the opportunities that are presenting
themselves to me are amazing. i am in awe of the experience of working
on the wellness resource room for the convention here in denver.
although, all i really did was organize and schedule about 20
volunteers, it does make my heart smile to be part of what i really
hope becomes the first step in a major shift in american policy towards
recovery and wellness.

imagine being at a huge political event such as a dnc,
in a city you don't know, and the stress and the presence of major
cocktail parties all day and all night finds you feeling triggered, or
full of anxiety. but wait... all you have to do is find the wellness
resource people and they can direct you to a group, or an organization,
or a private practictioner. your experience can change almost in
lightning speed. crisis averted.

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