Friday, September 19, 2008

Michigan Recovery Council Meeting, Part 6

REE Implementation in Michigan:

Darby from Advocates for Human Potential
Hired to implement the REE in Michigan

Implement the REE in Each CMH and each Provider Agency. with people who have been in the system for 90 days


  1. CMH make Narrative Plan
    1. Sampling plan table
    2. Describe how to pick consumers
    3. How the REE will be administered
  2. Monitors will administer instrument.
    1. ACT
    2. Target Case Management
    3. Psychosocial Rehab
    4. Consumer run drop-ins
    5. Supported Employment
    6. Medication Clinics
    7. Group Homes

Various methods for sampling were discussed..

The surveyors may be peer specialists, staff of consumer programs, individual contractors, etc. Can't have conflict of interest. Much to be decided on this yet.

Preferred way for administering survey: Given on site at a program by consumer surveys to groups of consumers. Other ways can also be used.. there will be a web based version on Survey Monkey.

Not yet a bilingual  version.  This problem must be solved. Many other issues of logistics and detailed implementation came up.

Irene summarized the discussion by saying that the initiative will try to touch every aspect of the system with recovery.

Accommodations will be provided to assure that each person will be able to do the survey regardless of characteristic.

Data Collection will be over a 10 month period during 2009.. Each area will have 2 months to administer per area.

There will be some learning curve on this effort. There will be training for the Surveyors. There will also be a manual and a 1-800 number for questions.

No individual info will be reported in any form
Aggregated results will be provided to DCH
Reports for individual agencies and programs will be provided to each agency, but will not be public.

Rich talked about RCE's involvement in the REE implementation. There was also a discussion about using consumer run centers as a source of surveyors.

See you in two months.

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