Friday, September 19, 2008

Michigan Recovery Council Meeting: September 19, 2008, Part 1

Once again, we convene at Lansing Community College's West Campus to expand and deepen Michigan's Recovery Movement.

Today, the big agenda item is the beginning of making the Recovery Enhancing Environment measure the way our mental health system will tell how well it is internalizing the principles of recovery.

We are going through introductions right now.

Mike Head is speaking now.  His first question is, "Where is this Council going?"

The CMHSP's will be going through a renewal of their applications to run regional mental health services.  Outreach for peer and family feedback on what CMH's should be providing. Mike said that each PIHP will engage peers in developing their application.  The department will be evaluating the depth of peer involvement not only in the application, but also in the ongoing operations of the PIHP. In FY 2010, the plans will influence the negotiation of each PIHP contract.

Mike said that he participated in the recent Director's Forum about pay levels for peers.  He told them that framing the peer work as reducing hospitalization costs through real data is a way to justify higher pay.

"Access is not just bout saying yes or no; it's about giving people airtime."

First Question: How can peer support specialists get health care coverage? Mike said that they addressed health care as a general service for peers, but not especially peer support specialists.  Another person said that she spends a lot of time helping people figure out how to deal with medical debt. Mike also discussed availability of work incentives through SSI/SSDI and the Freedom to Work Act for people who don't have spend downs. Benefits Counseling is also available.

Mike talked about the feedback process on the application. Then, they will finalize the application, send it out to PIHPs, and give them 3 months to prepare, followed by .the department reviewing the applications with the PIHP's.

End of Part 1

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