Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Does Self-disclosure affect people

from Laurel Isquith:
 (50 pages, attached)

New Report Examines Mental Health Self-Disclosure

The Center for Mental Health Services recently released a new
entitled "Self-Disclosure and its Impact on People who Receive Mental
Health Services."  The negative public attitudes associated with mental
illnesses are one of the most persistent problems individuals face. The
research on addressing discrimination and prejudice has shown that
individual's attitudes improve when they have direct contact with
persons with mental illnesses, when they can get to know people beyond
labels and myths.  Such approaches rely on individuals disclosing their
past mental health service use.  This report examines the power of
self-disclosure, the benefits and costs associated with revealing one's
mental health problems, and issues of disclosure in employment settings
and by mental health providers.  Recommendations are offered to further
examine this topic and considerations are presented for individuals who
are contemplating self-disclosure.

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