Monday, August 17, 2009

Online films | Time To Change

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As part of our summer campaign we have launched two new online films.  Both films are designed to challenge people’s thoughts and commonly held stereotypes around people who experience mental health problems.

‘The Movie’

This film is appearing as an ad on popular websites such as The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail, MSN and Yahoo. It relies on people’s fascination with the sinister to get them to reconsider their attitudes. It takes people on a journey – from a point of fear and stereotyping, all the way to realising that people with mental health problems are not in fact like the stereotypes. It also points out that it is the support of friends and family that have been the deciding factor in this man’s life………

Kids Party’

This film works on a similar basis to ‘The Movie’, except this time people think they are about to see real video footage – it is being seeded in to video sharing sites e.g. You Tube, with the title ‘Schizophrenic man terrifies kids at party’.

Online films | Time To Change

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