Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On My Way To Work

I've gotten 2 phone calls today from our community services board. Both have to do with meetings I need to attend where I will be the speaker for those meetings. I am both nervous and excited. The most public speaking I have accomplished in my 47 years has been within the walls of a classroom, or a church group; the latter was years ago when I was much younger. My ability to stand before a group of people nowadays has not been tested in a while.

On January 16, I will be speaking at the Mental Health Substance Abuse and Care Coordination Meeting. What a mouthful! The title of this group is basically the same as the action they take in the community.They coordinate the care of those who have mental illnesses, and/or substance abuse issues.

I will be sharing with this group a little about who I am, and what my purpose will be in the workplace. I will also share a synopsis of the training I received at the grand hotel and conference center, during those two weeks prior to Christmas. By the way, before I hammer on here, I will be attending numerous trainings which follow the first I received. No, I do not think that 2 weeks of training is enough, okay? I say this just in case some are wondering...

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