Monday, January 14, 2008


I’ve been working as a peer specialist for several months now–without actually being certified.

This month, I am finally getting the certification training.

I was already excited about that–finally getting the training–but this afternoon, that excitement just ratcheted up a notch. Because this afternoon, I found this: Mental Health Recovery.

It is module 2 of the peer specialist training curriculum by Recovery Innovations (formerly META).

Recovery Innovations was only recently approved to be an official training vendor for peer specialists in Pennsylvania. There are now two approved vendors: Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA (MHAPA), and Recovery Innovations. And to be honest… I was feeling slightly sorry for myself, that I wouldn’t be going through MHAPA’s training. After all, everyone else I know who’s been through the training went to an MHAPA training. And all those people LOVED it, thought it was great, learned so much, had a wonderful time… et cetera, et cetera.

So now, a training comes along–one I’m at last able to get into–and… it’s not MHAPA. It’s Recovery Innovations.


It felt anticlimactic.

There was this little tiny piece of my brain saying, “This better be good.”

How judgmental. Really.

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