Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Recovery Band

from Gerald Butler:


The Recovery Band

We are dedicated to the premise that most people with mental illness are quite capable of moving beyond their illness and accomplishing great things provided they have the proper support.

I organized the ‘Recovery’ the consumer band, specifically for last years’ Empowerment Day festivities. I wanted to show how well Peer Support works and being a musician, I decided to find consumers whose dreams were to be in a band and through Peer Support make those dreams a reality. When we practice Peer Support we do whatever is necessary to bring out the positive values of those we work with.

Although I was technically in a leadership position, during rehearsals for the event, I came to this realization: If I really wanted to bring out the best in a person, I had to be willing to put my ego aside and simply provide a relaxed atmosphere comfortable enough for them to express who they really are. Plus, I found myself growing in the process. This is what Peer Support is.

Recovery’ is a group of people spreading the message of hope and recovery through our music. The members have changed from the original foursome and will continue to change as more and more people in recovery are dusting off their dreams and contacting me. Because we have a fairly good sound it is hard to appreciate that our music takes second place to how well we support each other’s recovery. Through the practice of peer support we become healthier, help others to heal, we have fun and grow, and show the world what happens when people are supported properly.

Last summer we not only played at Empowerment Day, we also gave back to the community by doing Arise Detroit’s Neighborhoods Day, Corrections to Work at the Charles Wright Museum, Detroit East’s Summer Blast, and some other community events. This year we are proud to play the Gateway Consumer Awards Banquet, The International Self Determination Conference behind Councilwoman Martha Reeves of Martha & the Vandellas and some other events. Hope to see you at one or more of these exciting events.

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