Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comments on Health Reform Goodies

Now that health reform has passed, what can we expect?

In the Near Term:
  • In 90 days, a temporary high risk pool for people with pre-existing conditions. High risk pools only work for people with chronic conditions if the premiums are controlled. Otherwise, the premiums tend to drift up and make the pool not affordable.
  • Parents can cover their kids up to age 26. I think, but am not sure, this adds a year and broadens already existing practice for some carriers.
  • No more life time limits on dollars of coverage.
  • Better coverage of preventive services
  • Better monitoring of carrier use of funds, and better investigation of big rate increases
  • Medicare Donut hole rebate for the near term, and elimination of the donut hole by 2020
  • Expanded Medicare coverage for people exposed to an environmental emergencies
  • Improved care coordination for people who receive both Medicare and Medicaid
  • A 10% tax on tanning services(!)
A couple of other interesting things:
  • Section 2402 and what follows seem to allow home and community based services in a waiver to easily use 300% of SSI as the income limit. This would broaden eligibility for waiver services in many waivers.
  • An interesting project on shared medical decision making

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