Monday, March 22, 2010

Recovery Council Part Four

The work groups are updating the Council on their progress and next steps. The first group found many, many policies on Recovery and will borrow freely from them. Pat Baker reviewed some longitudinal research that has shown how much more important the person's view of recovery is in reaching good outcomes. Planning must be driven by the person, and the role of other people in the mental health system is supporting that person driven framework internalized.

How well do we do recovery management planning in this light? Pat believes that we need a state initiative to improve system approach to this planning area.

The second group explored the possibility of a survey to agency staff about their recovery experience and its impact on recovery policy in their organization.

The third group is focusing on the ARR and how it is being implemented. They reviewed the meaning of Renewal and Re-commitment. They also went through the 11 sections of the ARR, and reviewed the principles embedded in them.


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