Thursday, July 17, 2008

Depression and Bipolar Results Worth Striving For - A New Recovery Model For Mental Illness

It is possible to live an exceptional life with depression or
. The Bipolar Advantage Program is an integrated approach of
professional care that addresses your physical, mental, emotional,
spiritual, relationship, and career needs that can help you to set
realistic goals. Through better Education, Assessment, Treatment, and
most importantly Results Worth Striving For, the Advantage Program sets
the new standard of care in mental healthSan Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July
16, 2008 — Bipolar Advantage Inc. will be introducing a new integrated
recovery program called the “Advantage Program” on September 6, 2008.
“The days of thinking a diagnosis of bipolar disorder means living a
diminished life are over,” says company president Tom Wootton.”With
Education, Assessment, Treatment, and Results Worth Striving For, the
core principle of the Advantage Program is that mental conditions
affect our entire lives, so all aspects need to be addressed in an
integrated program. The Advantage Program addresses the physical,
mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and career needs of each
participant with an unprecedented coordination of the entire team of

The comprehensive, six-month intensive program utilizes a
professional team including medical, psychotherapeutic, relationship
coaching, spiritual counseling, peer support, Anthony Robbins
Coaching™, mind skills, fitness, and nutrition. The non-residential
program offers working professionals, students and others the chance to
fully participate through a series of workshops and individual sessions.

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