Friday, July 18, 2008

The Michigan Recovery Council Meeting: Part 1

July 18, 2008: 10 am to 3 pm

The meeting is being held at the Recovery Center for Excellence at the Guidance Center at 13111 Allen in Southgate. There is a good crowd.

After introductions, Mike Head, the new Bureau Director for MI, DD, and Children's mental health. Mike said, "Self-Determination is a power shift". The most recent Self-determination training program showed the promise that SD has for people with mental illness if they are supported in building the lives they want.

  • Mental Health Commission Follow-up
  • Quality and fairness in access
  • Assure quality in state facilities
  • Expand consumer and advocate participation
  • Expand employment
  • Assure access to health care

One core goal is a Re-commitment and Renewal process for all PIHPs.

Employment is a real weakness. Many paths must be available to people for work, from micro-enterprises, mentoring, supported employment, self-determined options, and competitive employment.

Zero tolerance: No one written off; No violence in the name of safety and control; No dropping through cracks; Cost can't prevent us from aiming for excellence.

Recovery is a culture change. Can't change a little; the whole culture must change.

We need to talk about supports needed first, then use person centered planning to frame it; THEN talk about cost.

Where is the Recovery Council Going?

It is a toe-hold for recovery. We must start looking to the our future in the Council. Should the Council be independent?

Corrections is a terrible system to try to change.

Questioner asked for presentation on new Parity law.

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