Saturday, July 5, 2008

Discover and Recover

Its description -  
International, non-profit, community based organization founded in 1937 by the late Neuropsychiatrist Abraham A. Low, MD.
Its mission -
To provide an effective, compassionate path to self-managed recovery from mental illness, behavioral disorders and chronic stress
 Its meetings  -
Peer-led weekly group meetings offer a system of self-help techniques which members learn and then practice in their daily life.
The techniques demonstrated at the weekly meetings are knows as the Recovery ‘Method’.
Information from contact with the organization:
Recovery, Inc. does not push medication.  In fact, discussion about medicine, religion or politics is not allowed.
The meetings are at no-cost with a free-will offering to offset expenses.

Norman DeLisle, MDRC
"With Liberty and Access for All!"
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