Saturday, March 14, 2009

Judi Chamberlin & Dan Fisher on MF Live Free Web Radio

From MindFreedom:

Dear MindFreedom International Members,

This is a quick reminder that *tomorrow* -- Saturday, 14 March 2009
-- you can listen and call in *LIVE* to the MindFreedom Live Free Web
Radio show, guests Judi Chamberlin and Dan Fisher. I'll host, and I
hope you call in.

TIME: 11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern
USA, 6 pm [1800] London UTC/GMT. Show is 90 minutes.

During that time go hear to listen via your computer:

Not at a computer with sound? A few members have mentioned that problem.

Here is a trick for all you members to listen live without a
computer: Instead of your computer you can just use your telephone to
listen live via the "call-in" line for tomorrow's show-- (646)
595-2125 -- just like a teleconference call. I may briefly bring each
caller on the show, but if you don't want to ask a question you can
just give a brief message (like "thanks Judi!") and go back to

This is indeed a special show to thank guest Judi Chamberlin, who is
a MindFreedom board member, because as you may know Judi has a very
serious medical diagnosis and is calling in while under hospice care.
Everyone appreciates Judi's decades of leadership and communication
abilities for our movement, and we all hope for many more decades.
You can read more about that health announcement on the MFI web site.

If you can't call in your support, comments or questions tomorrow,
you can e-mail in a brief message to and we'll
try to read those on the air. Any messages for Judi we'll also
forward to her.

If you miss tomorrow's special show, you can hear an archive not too
long after the show -- and hear January and February's shows -- at
the same web site:

And please also circle your calendar for "Second Saturdays" for
MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Web Radio for all of 2009, same time.

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