Friday, March 20, 2009

Michigan Recovery Council-Part 2

Mike Head talked about the Anti-Stigma initiative. He mentioned the Figureheads, a youth rap group from Wisconsin, that came up in a meeting earlier today about family centered supports.

He reviewed the ARR initiatives, including culture change, person centered planning, justice system issues, employment. He also reviewed the questions that the PPGs raise for each PIHP and CMH. There is a clear focus on the REE and the implementation of recovery  throughout the system.  Mike told the Recovery Council to be sure to be involved in the ARR and how the PPGs are implemented in their area. Pers need to be involved in the design and implementation (quaity and evaluation, too) of the ARR and PPG priorities.

Mike said that we can monitor minimum standards, but no real way of assuring high quality.  Only a better, expandde, and deeper partnership between providers, PIHPs, CMHs, peers, families, and consumers generally. We need not just stories, but the hard work of coming up with solutions. It is a heady thing to ask highly regulated organizations to be open to possibilities.

When the ARR feedback comes back to DCH, state staff will form into roughly permanent teams that will be connected with specific PIHPs over the long term.


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