Monday, May 26, 2008

High-Tech Devices Keep Elderly Safe From Afar

First thing every morning, Lynn Pitet, of Cody, Wyo., checks her computer to see whether her mother, Helen Trost, has gotten out of bed, taken her medication and whether she is moving around inside her house hundreds of miles away in Minnesota.

Last summer, Mrs. Trost’s husband had a stroke and died, but she wanted to stay in the house, in Mankato, where she had lived for 36 years. She did not want a live-in helper, and she cannot drive. At 88, Mrs. Trost has macular degeneration and takes medications for seizures, memory loss and restless leg syndrome.

“She’s a feisty gal,” Mrs. Pitet said of her mother. “She is fine when she takes her medicines, but, even so, I was terrified of leaving her alone.”

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