Thursday, May 22, 2008

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You will NOT believe this one...

Now on YouTube watch a five-minute piece...

* * * The Normathon: A Mad Pride Miracle! * * *

See the five-foot Big Giant Psychiatric Pill chase the MindFreedom
Youth Committee from a statue of Ken Kesey through the streets of
Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Here's the link:

Will Norma -- tied five-point restraints -- escape the doctors
chasing her as the Youth Committee frantically push her bed her
through the Saturday Market?

And what about the teenager Skye?

After the Big Giant Pill lands on Skye, who will protect America's
youth from abuse by the psychiatric drug industry?

Will you?

Watch this Mad Pride Miracle on 17 May 2008 unfold before your eyes,
videoed & edited by MFI Youth Outreach Coordinator Martin Rafferty!

Here's that link again:

Norman DeLisle, MDRC
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