Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I Support Universal Healthcare

from the blog, Indeterminate Nature:

It should be no surprise to anyone that I am on Disability (Social Security, SSI-D). I am on Medicaid now, but the government may, at any time, deem me sufficiently able to go to work (whether my PTSD allows me to or not). Along with millions of Americans I now have a pre-existing condition. I can be refused healthcare if I cannot afford it coming off Medicaid. (Because if you are on a healthcare program they cannot legally deny you if you start a new policy at another company right away, but I will be paying exorbitant premiums because of my pre-existing condition and at this point in time there is no mental health parity so I will most likely not get funding for what I need most: my meds and my therapy, which my meds alone cost over $1000/month and my therapy over $400/month. Or at least that's what my friend in law school tells me.)

On top of that there are 47 million Americans who do not have health insurance. Hillary's plan is for Universal Health Care. Obama's would only cover children, which many states, including WA already have.

Her plan includes:
Limiting Premium payments
Extending Medicare to people who cannot afford any other insurance (Medicare is now only offered to people on SSI and is the cheapest of all since 98-99 cents goes directly to healthcare unlike other insurance companies where most goes to bureaucracy and people on SSI are generally living on <$1000/month)
Requires employers (including small businesses) to cover some of the costs of healthcare
Tax credits for those making under $250,000/year to help cover cost of insurance

People currently pay a hidden "tax" in their insurance premiums to cover uninsured people who need to visit the hospital and cannot pay. It also helps that there is currently a bill in the House called HR 676 that is about Single Payer Healthcare that creates Medicaid for All. These two coupled together would give us a completely Universal healthcare system that would be affordable to all. It doesn't have enough push to get through on its own. It does, however have 90 sponsors which is awesome.

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