Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mind Freedom News Items

Three (3) brief May news items about a nonviolent revolution in
mental health:


(1) News Release - 3 May 2008

United Nations Treaty on Disability and Human Rights Now in
Effect Globally.

Psychiatric Survivors Play Important Role in Creating the
Legally Binding Treaty.

(2) News Report - 3 May 2008

MindFreedom Ireland Holds Successful Protest of Electroshock

Members of MindFreedom Ireland protested in Cork, Ireland on 3 May
2008 against the use of electroshock as a 'treatment' both in Irish
psychiatric institutions and worldwide.

(3) News release - 1 May 2008

"Double your money" for new members of MindFreedom International:

Helios Foundation announced on 1 May 2008 a matching grant for new
members of MindFreedom, for a limited time only.

Have you ever considered joining MindFreedom International?

Now is the time!

If you join MindFreedom International soon your donation will be
*doubled* by the Helios Resource Network Foundation!

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