Monday, May 12, 2008

A New Day

from Gerald Butler:


I can hear the whistle of the ‘Freedom Train’ blowing in the distance, and soon it will be here. For those who have been waiting to get into recovery, it is time to get on board. In the last ‘Visions’ letter I spoke about positive thinking and the responses have been varied. Many of you said you already think positive, some said they are working towards that goal. A few even said they didn’t feel they were capable of thinking positively for a whole month. The bottom line is this: self-esteem plays a major role in how well we do in recovery. The level to which others care about and respect us is related to how well we care about and respect ourselves.

The flyers, agenda, decorating, hiring the caterers, the brochure, securing the venue, everything except ordering the chairs for Empowerment Day 2008, is being done by the Peer Support Specialist Empowerment Committee. We started out with self-esteem and hope, both of which have grown while organizing this Celebration of Recovery. Then we received support from Detroit Wayne County CMH, Southwest Solutions, Michigan International Association of Psychosocial Rehab Services, MGM Grand, to name just a few. Consumers doing the actual work with support from administrators, this is system transformation at it’s best.

So leave your cares at home and come help us celebrate recovery on the 30th of this Month. Recovery stories, comedy, the Recovery Band and consumer singers, history of the peer movement, prize drawings, are some of the things you’ll experience. What is really going to be cool will be to hear what Veda Sharp (D-WCCMHA) has to say about not only the current activities and programs in Wayne County but future system transformation initiatives. If at the end of the day, just one consumer feels better about him or herself, the Peer Committee will have accomplished our goal and feel better about ourselves.

Norman DeLisle, MDRC
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