Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barriers to Trauma-Informed Mental Health Systems: Beliefs and Medical Necessity

From Trauma Transformation Peer Support:

One of the challenges for implementing a trauma-informed system is an
issue of etiology – that is, the etiology of mental illness.

know: debating cause of mental illness is not very helpful, especially
when I just want peer support. Debating cause isn’t helpful when I am
trying to learn how to work again, or trying to get up enough courage
to go to the gym full of strangers, or stop hating myself. But I’m
afraid that we will have to share uneasy proximity to the question
because it is the often unspoken decision people have already made
about what causes mental illness that has created so many broken state
mental health systems. What we believe about the illness informs the
services the system provides...

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