Thursday, January 29, 2009

Promoting Acceptance and Social Inclusion for People with Mental Health Problems in the Workplace

From the ADS Center:

This webinar was held Jan. 27. Links to the slides in the presentation are at the bottom of the page.

The workforce includes many individuals with mental health problems
who, like other employees, contribute greatly to the success of the
organizations that employ them.  However, unlike their colleagues,
people with mental health conditions may experience misunderstanding,
social exclusion, and discrimination by employers or other employees
due to prejudicial beliefs and attitudes about people with mental
illnesses in the workplace. 

Some of these misperceptions
include beliefs that people with mental health problems cannot handle
work-related stress, are unreliable, and need special attention.  The
fact is that work is often the best platform for recovery and most
individuals benefit greatly from purposeful, meaningful activity that
is socially valued and respected. Economic security and
self-sufficiency also increase with stable and fulfilling employment.
And, in addition to providing a living, work gives people a sense of
belonging and community that provides the opportunity to create a
network of friends and colleagues...

Presentation materials for this event are available below in two
file formats: PPT (MS PowerPoint) and PDF (Portable Document Format).

Teleconference Presentation [PDF Format - 1.2 Mb]

Teleconference Presentation [PowerPoint Format - 1.6 Mb]

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