Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Western Mass Recovery Learning Communitiy (x-posted)

From LiveJournal:

I hope this sort of post is okay here, but definitely thought it was
relevant!  My name is Sera and I am Co-Director of a new project in Western Mass
called the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (RLC).  Like
everyone else who works or volunteers at the Western Mass RLC, I have
had (and continue to have at times) significant struggles in my life. 
For me, that has meant being a trauma survivor, getting labeled in
several different ways by the mental health system, and experiencing
some pretty extreme states of depression, etc.

I'd like to share some about the The Western Mass RLC:  This
project is all about building a community of people in Western Mass who
have lived experience and want to be a part of something where they can
get, give and simply be.  We believe that recovery (as it is defined by
each individual) is a probability, but not, in many instances, without
the opportunity to be a part of something that is meaningful to you and
to have the opportunity to build real, meaningful relationships with
other people.  When you contact us or come into our Resource Connection
Center (RCC), our first priority is to welcome individuals into our
community (no 'credentials' checked, we're here for the person,
whatever their experience has been).  Our second priority is to hear
the individual's story, and learn what supports *they* want.  (Each
individual is, after all, the expert on him/herself.)   In
addition to wanting to reach out to individuals with lived experience,
we'd also like to reach out to students and providers to share our
experiences and help people learn different ways of helping and talking
about people who are struggling.

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