Monday, January 26, 2009

TV Ad Shows Mental Health Stigma Can Be A Matter Of Life And Death, UK

From Medical News Today:

New TV ad shows mental health stigma can be a matter of life and death

A new hard-hitting advertising campaign shows that being told to 'pull
yourself together', being left out of things and treated as 'a problem'
can lead people with mental health problems to despair - tragically for
some, they just can't go on. Viewers will be left in no doubt that the
way they treat people with mental health problems like depression can
make all the difference....

Sue Smith, who has had depression, says-

"I had cancer, and everyone rallied around to offer support. But then
later, when I got depression, things couldn't have been more different.
It's odd, but people found the cancer easier to deal with than the
depression - mental health problems are still a taboo"....

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