Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Helping to build Roads to Recovery

From Gerald Butler:

Det. News,
Dec. 24
th 2008

Mixes a risk in U. S.

At least 2 million Americans are taking a combination of drugs
and supplements that can be a risky mix
”. Although the article
was centered on older Americans I have heard stories from consumers
concerning unhealthy medication mixes.  Some of the questions are:
If I am on a certain med, should I be careful what ‘over the counter’
medication I use? Can aspirin affect certain meds? Can certain foods
have an effect? Who to call for advice if I feel apprehensive? Are there
certain common substances (
or natural
) that should
be avoided when taking certain meds? How about herbal remedies, ginkgo
etc? Since physical health is directly related to mental health, if
anyone knows where this info is easily accessible to consumers, let
us know and we’ll pass it on.


consumers get awarded, it is hoped that others will follow his/her example.
This year the “Empowerment Day Celebration of Recovery” theme is
“New Age Leadership”. At the event, consumers shall be acknowledging
leaders in hopes of inspiring other leaders to follow their example.
The system gives awards for innovative programs; we award the traits
that really matter to us. Passion for our cause, caring, willingness
to listen, empathy, inspiring, compassionate, integrity, are the characteristics
we are looking for in our New Age Leadership Awards. We hope to be working
closely with Detroit-Wayne County CMH/Customer Services and the Virtual
Center of excellence between now and Empowerment Day. Soon we will be
asking consumers to submit anecdotal events, stories, essays, poetry,
etc of their experiences with a new type of leader. Some of which may
be published in Persons Point of View Newsletter, and others will be
read aloud on Empowerment Day. Will keep you posted.

The Recovery

Dust off your dancing shoes; start working on your steps!! The band
has the honor of playing ‘The 1st Annual Peer Support Conference’
(June 22nd/June 24th) and we will be showcasing
consumers who we have had the pleasure of working with over the last
2 years. Patti Charleston, whom I first met during the first Wayne County
Peer Training, will be sharing her childhood dream come true through
the “Visions of Recovery Gospel Choir”. Veteran Peer Specialists
will share experiences and the newer Peers can update the vets as the
movement is constantly growing. I realize how vital this conference
is and how much good it will do for our cause. But mostly I think about
how much fun it is going to be.

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