Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recovery Council Meeting January 22, 2009

A flyer was handed out to "Save the Date" for the first annual Peer Specialist Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Dear born on June 22 to 24, 2009. So save the date!!!

Pat Baker reviewed the work of the long term planning group for the Council. In addition to how the Council is organized and funded, the issue of how awareness is spread.. The group talked about reviewing the current Council mission. Most importantly, for the long term, we talked about sustain ability.

1. Keep current structure and keep it inside DCH
2. Broad communication across the state at all levels about Recovery
3. Council should challenger the state to develop a consensus statement about support for the council, and detailing the specific funding and staffing support that the Council would receive
4 .More information about how the ARR and PPG fit with the Council .

There were 6 trainings on Trauma this last year. Colleen noted that trauma is so common in people with serious mental illness that trauma informed treatment must be typical.

Colleen also asked the question of how stigma, trauma, and serious mental illness trigger responses from treatment systems.

In the general community, 50% have a history of trauma. That means staff, professionals, family members, friends, everyone.

Every CMH in the UP will have Recovery and Trauma Training in 2009.

A variety of professional trainings, brochures and other activities and resources have been occurring around trauma informed treatment. Around the state. The new funding will be out in a couple of months.

Phil said that the effort to create stability by treatment systems tends to defer the dreams that were part of each person's make-up before the start of the symptoms. Going after dreams again is part of recovery, and should be expected as part of the process.

There was additional discussion of how to make trauma informed treatment could be more generally available, and more individualized.

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